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Support your healthier lifestyle with Florax DS, using a nutritional or probiotic yeast.

It’s easier than ever to get all the benefits of probiotics, from improving the health of your digestive tract to boosting your immune system. Just think “shake it and take it.” Florax DS, the yeast-based probiotic, delivers 500 million live probiotic yeast cells in a unique liquid suspension that requires no refrigeration. So you can store it just about anywhere and take it just about anywhere. Better still, you only take it once a week!


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Florax DS delivers LIVE CELLS immediately when taken. Thanks to our liquid delivery system, we are able to deliver live probiotic cultures to your gut or small intestine. We survive gastric transit through the acid of the stomach and bile of the liver and deliver probiotic cells where you need them most. Immediately available probiotic cultures means fast acting relief and benefit for you! We have proven that we are able to provide relief from occasional diarrhea within 4 hours! No other probiotic on the market can make that claim! We’re still not done!


Many doctors suggest the use probiotics during antibiotic treatments because many of us suffer from antibiotic associated diarrhea. Antibiotics kill bacteria. Our gut is home to bacteria and yeasts, called microflora, that aid in digestion. Florax DS contains a probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, that is ideal for use during antibiotic treatments.


Florax DS is there when you need it!

Business or Pleasure, traveling and foreign foods take their toll on your digestive system! With our travel pack, you can take us with you….just in case!

Experience occasional diarrhea while at home or work, our Diarrhea Relief package is there to provide relief within four hours!

Prefer more regular relief, our Ready-to-Drink product provides a month supply of support for your digestive and immune health without having to take a pill every day!

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Florax DS delivers 500 million live probiotic yeast cells in a unique liquid suspension that requires no refrigeration, so it’s easy to store, easy to take and easy to work into that healthier lifestyle; you need it only once a week.

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Stop running. Stop clenching. Stop waiting for the chemicals in the pink stuff to kick in. With Florax DS, you simply shake it and take it to start feeling “back in control” in as little as four hours.

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Hebron USA